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Featured Artists: Makeshift Accessories and Grizzled Teddy

Featured Artists: Makeshift Accessories and Grizzled Teddy

Devin Johnson's small business, Makeshift Accessories, allows him to tell a story about humanity with every piece he creates. From machine plate cuffs that capture the beauty of vintage machinery to repurposed cymbals, coins, and other reclaimed pieces, Devin takes pride in salvaging items many may overlook. Donovan Daniel's "Grizzled Teddy" company is so much more than amazing products for the bearded man in your life. While creating beard oils, beard butter, and combs from their home studio in PA, Donovan and his wife have also made it their mission to encourage men to take better care of themselves both inside and out.
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The Gallery Store doors will be open** Mon - Fri, 6/17 - 6/21 so feel free to stop by and say hello (& get a sneak peek) while we put on last minute touches. **Please use the rear entrance only and remember we are still a work in progress until Strohl's official opening day on Sunday, June 23rd!